Week Thirteen

Projects I have completed:

  • Contributed to decisions regarding site architecture (this was debated on and completed as a team during the first weeks of class)
  • Project plan with team and section on what my roles will be
  • Set up Google Analytics for our site and monitoring
  • Sent Allison from the Social Media team weekly updates that compared site traffic to social network referrals
  • Theme and plugin research with team, also created a chart to compare themes pros/cons
  • Setting up initial Fudge page with widgets
  • Changed original icon colours to match emerge colour and re-uploaded
  • New site mockups
  • Customized menu/nav bar in header.php of theme
  • Got the style.css for our child theme to finally work by manually linking our child theme’s style.css in the header of the original header.php file after the color scheme css file is loaded.
  • Creative brief/request for information for the Image Arts gallery and ESMA awards
  • Mockups for a custom speaker section
  • Revisions for speaker bios as a team
  • Coding the custom speaker section (using HTML, CSS and jQuery)
  • Allover CSS changes to the site
  • Mockup for new header/hero, which has been implemented

Projects I still plan on completed by conference date:

  • Complete custom speakers section
  • More CSS changes to site to match mockup
  • HTML and CSS changes for mobile (example – map will be a photo, speakers will not have long bios and will be made responsive, video made responsive, nav and header style)
  • Change “register” button to “schedule” on day of conference

Since last week I have continued to work on the custom speakers section. I have also been working on mockups for styling later next week Our team has been continuing to work on our designated projects and we are moving along. The biggest difficulty in the past week had been the fluctuation of speakers and bios. With RT being dropped, X being added and the decision to combine 4 separate Maverick speakers into one profile still up in the air, my mockups have sorta been on hold. I need an actual number before figuring out numbers for rows in our speaker grid. Kathy also mentioned that she wanted a way for Keynote speakers to be distinguishable. My solution to this will be to have a green transparent overlay on hover for all speakers, but for keynotes, have the word “keynote” added. Still thinking of a solution for mobile though.


For next week I hope to have the speaker architecture and information all set up and mockups finalized so I can start styling them.


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